Boost is a hands-on, next generation training program for future code masters who have no work experience up to this moment.

Within a few months of dedicated training, our top professionals will teach you the best industry practices, tips and all the fun tricks to become the next great coding guru. Upon completion, we will hire the top-performing and most devoted participants right away.


From junior to jedi in 6 months


Hands-on experience


Intensive paid training

We're hunting for talent

Our company was built by people just like you!



We offer you a full-time, paid training opportunity to develop your skills and become a master of your craft. We will hire you, train you and then let you showcase your skill set, knowledge and devotion. We will turn you into a powerful coding guru whilst boosting your creativity above and beyond. Few months – massive improvement.

Dope, isn’t it?


We spent the past few years putting the foundation of an amazing environment that helps talents develop into a top-performing professionals.

Our training program now opens up the doors to 13 new team members to join the coding lab and get a healthy dose of Dopamine.


  • Hands-on coding experience.
  • Industry leaders will help you learn and master your skills.
  • Fast-paced environment with multiple teams to collaborate with.
  • Exciting social environment - conferences, hackathons, and more.


We build our award winning games and leading platform software with:

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